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The specialist entertainer for Kids birthday parties, Corporate events, Fairs and much more creating unforgettable laughs full of illusion. People of all ages can enjoy his magic because his show is Entertaining For The Whole Family.

Lexington , Ky Magician




What We Offer

Magical Birthday Party

Your Child is the STAR of the Show

Transform your Kids Birthday Party into a Memorable Magical Event!

Magical Entertainment For Your 
Kids Birthday Party
Children love magic! Make your child’s birthday party a memorable, special day. Seth’s amazing magic show for kid’s birthday parties is a high-energy performance with lots of audience participation and interaction.

Kids and adults really love to get involved in the show. Mark can manage a large crowd and keep kids captivated. Upbeat music, colorful props and effects help to keep the attention of the children. Expect amazing magic, audience participation, comedy, music, special effects, balloon animals and fun.

Even after they see it, they still won’t believe it! Objects will disappear, reappear and change color. Mark’s Magic shows are tailor made for children at any age level. Let the Magic of Mark help your family plan the perfect birthday party for your child. Your guests will be impressed and your child will never forget!

The Birthday Child’s Special Day

The Birthday Child is of course made to feel very important, since this is their special day. The birthday child is always the STAR and gets to help make the magic happen by helping Mark.

The Birthday Child will even make a live rabbit or dove appear in the show! Best of all is that the magic always happens when everyone shouts the magic words, “Happy Birthday (your child’s name).” Mark will make your child’s birthday party a day of fun, excitement and celebration.

Choice of Shows
Please contact Mark to go over the many choices of customizable children shows available.

How do I have a Magic Show in my House?

The show is self-contained and does not require a lot of room. The show should be in front of a wall, fireplace, etc. so that no one is behind or on the sides of the magician. The performance can take place in a normal living room setting or in any large room. All you need to provide is a group of kids (4 years old and up) that want to have a great time.

Magician, Entertainment for Parties

Whatever your party, Marc makes it magic.

Whether you party is in your home in Lexington, in a restaurant, or a formal venue, magic can add another dimension to the fun. A great magic show is not just a spectator sport. Magic Marc Comley’s audiences are always a part of the show.

Fairs and Festival Magic Shows

Transform your next local Fair or Festival into a Memorable Magical Event!

Magician for Trade Shows

According to a leading exhibit survey company, magicians are the BEST way to attract new, qualified customers to your trade show booth. Let’s face it: clients are not interested in useless giveaways! As a trade show magician, Mark Comley r offers much more than just entertainment. Mark Comley will work with your sales team before and during the event to:

  • Attract large crowds to your trade show booth
  • Pre-qualify potential leads for your sales team
  • Deliver information about your product in a novel and entertaining manner
  • Make sure that your company and image remains in people’s mind LONG after the show has ended.

There is a reason that so many companies have turned to Mark Comley for their live marketing needs. Quite, simply: Corporate magician Mark Comley can produce the results you need to successfully raise your bottom line through a trade show exhibit with live marketing.

What are the Options?

Theater-Style Show: The theater-style show is typically presented as a large scale show, typically running 15 minutes, with 30 minute breaks between sets. This will often build a very large crowd, and it requires a stage and sound equipment. Routines include large scale illusions, which can be customized to include the company’s message.

Aisle-View Show: The Aisle-View show is a smaller show, typically performed in front of the main booth. Mark Comley will build crowds from scratch every thrity minutes, and hand them over to your sales team. The aisle-view show uses typically uses close-up magic, but routines are selected for visibility even in a large crowd.

Optional Services

We also provide pre-show promotional planning, customized script writing, and magic themed give-aways that can help capture your audience.

Unique Headliner Entertainment For Colleges & Universities

Pack your campus event with fun and excitement from this hilarious audience participation show. Your students become the stars of the show. Simply, one of the most interactive campus activities. The volunteers may actually have more fun than anyone during your student event.

Safe & Appropriate Entertainment For All Student Activities

Finding popular college entertainment that is safe, fun and appropriate for students isn’t easy. I can help provide the right entertainment and create memories. I provide peace of mind to committees and staff advisors knowing the students are participating in a safe campus activity.


My comedy hypnosis show is the perfect entertainment for a successful grad night or after-prom party. Activities like casinos, bounces and others activities have a short entertainment value. My comedy hypnosis show is clean, interactive school entertainment that will have them laughing in the aisles for 75 minutes.

As Seen At Keeneland’s Breakfast With The Works, Great For School Carnivals, Birthday Parties, Company Picnics, Etc.

Our Clients Include,

Bluegrass State Games


Idle Hour Country Club

Double Stink Hog Farm

Many Fairs and Festivals

Ky Horse Park

Icthus Festival.

A typical Facepainter can paint a face in 3-5 minutes, With our airbrush facepainting, We can do over 100 an hour. Kids love it, and no long waiting lines.

We have hundreds of designs to choose from.

Call today for availabilty.


Mark Comley’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is great after-dinner speaker entertainment for banquets, award dinners, corporate parties, meetings, seminars, campus events, after proms and college events. This unique Comedy Hypnosis Show is an interactive program which provides more laughs than a comedian speaker. Comedy Hypnotist Mark Comley ensures rave reviews from your employees and guests.

You will hear laughter from everyone as you watch your guests participate in this highly memorable hypnosis program. You will feel the excitement of the moment unfold as imaginations blend with creativity in this high-energy interactive comedy show.


Imagine watching your audience become the Stars of this hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Show. Everyone will enjoy this program because of it’s universal appeal. Everyone will be talking about this show for months.

New and exciting shows available with G and PG ratings for all types of student activity & campus events, after proms, colleges, corporate banquets, meetings, seminars and almost any occasion. Best of all, you never have to worry about offensive material as my programs are in good taste. I will always treat your audience with respect.

  • Birthday Parties 80%
  • Private Parties 45%
  • Corporate Parties 95%
  • Closeup Magic 39%
  • Psychic Entertainment 50%
  • Fairs & Festivals 68%
  • Trade Shows 60%
  • School Assembly Programs 78%
  • Wedding Entertainment 89%
  • Airbrush Face Painting 52%
  • Stage Hypnosis 92%

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“Mark’s magic reminds me of some of the shows I have seen in Las Vegas.  He is the best with people”

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